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Yes, it could be into and out

Yes, it could be into and out of the system and I was thinking that may be the case. I have not personally heard of anyone this has happened to, nor have I heard rumors of this sort of thing happening to anyone I know. Not that people would want to advertise what happened, but there would be talk at some point.

Unless they keep alot of stuff quiet, its easy enough for the cops to come and give tickets and all that stuff on regular things rather than psych stuff. The cops in my area are bored alot of times. I know a couple years ago someone in a college class I had was late and it turned out that she got pulled over for a broken tail light. Well, 2 more patrol cars showed up to this, making a total of 3 cars for a simple traffic stop. From what I remember, it was otherwise routine and there really werent any problems.
A couple years ago I was riding in the car on the highway and on the side of the road, I kid you not, was at least 5 state trooper cars, and I believe a couple city police cars. They had pulled over one or two vehicles; I know it looked way overkill. I cant think of a reason they would need so many cars unless someone decided to try and run and then decided to give up peacefully. Dont remember seeing anything on the news though.

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