Comment: Lawyers for Ron Paul?

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Lawyers for Ron Paul?

Looks to me like the letter has a lot of signers, or are all these signers part of Lawyers for Ron Paul?

Copied and pasted from letter:

We the People,
concerned about our Constitutional Republic
(See below for supporting organizations and signatures)
We the People Network
20 million members worldwide(

Patriot Coalition(

Guardians for Liberty (

Delegates of Alaska Dedicated to Ethical Leadership

Watch the Vote (

AZ Concerned Delegates for Fair RNC Elections
Occupy Rigged Elections(

Tools for Justice(

The 1000+ regional, state, and national Republican delegates who aremembers of ToolsForJustice and support the National Delegates Caselawsuit project at

The Heartland Patriots(

Kelly Z. Mordecai
Author of "The Hidden 4th Branch" & former Republican(

New Mexicans for Liberty

The Jeenyus Corner (

Richard Gilbert
Lead Attorney for the National Delegates CaseLawsuit representing over 350 plaintiffs

David Callihan
Operations Director for the National Delegates CaseLawsuit(

P.S. This letter will be signed by the people in an online petition and will alsobe released to the press.