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NCforPaul -- I agree!

If I made the argument you made on my behalf then that would have been stupid.

I said "Regardless metal guns and ammo would be very very expensive in a free-market without massive gov't subsidies etc."

I was referring to the metals and mining industries.

The SOCOM pistol was designed here but produced in Germany -- a proven side-effect of gov't subsidized inflationary spending driving innovation over-seas.

S&W just won a huge gov't contract -- they are outfitting, supplying, training, certifing the ATF -- I think they have a contract with Homeland-Security as well, don't they?

In other arguments (on this page) I said that American Civilians have enough arms to outfit the entire Chinese and Indian Armies.

I will stand-by my statement that in a free-society the cost of guns would be far far far higher (if from 1776 on we had a truly consumer-sovereignty I think we would have innovated around metal guns and metal ammo -- maybe composites?).

So -- yes -- You won an imaginary debate by your own design and no I don't want to get you started, hahahaha.