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chances are it's just FBI/DHS/NSA

spying, and in order to establish more 'legal' precedence that they CAN use local police to do their dirty work for them, without an official Federally written NDAA order (regardless of what the 'peon' representatives of the Commonwealth of Virginia may have to say about NDAA and have recently decided upon); all it takes is ONE 'complaint' by an anonymous unknown party for copthugs to have an excuse to invoke a call-out; it gives them temporary 'legal' cover for their 'law enforcement' roles to be activated; they don't have to identify who the complainant is until they face a judge. and, look at the damage to innocent lives they can commit against the citizenry way before a trial.

that alone, should tell all that we all live in an undeniable policestate; like USSR of yore, all it takes is one complaint by your neighbor that you talked sh*t about the Communist Party leadership, for the secret police to come on down, raid ya, and haul you off.

How is this any different, when all it takes is ONE 'anonymous' phonecall accusing some random residence of narco-trafficking or making 'terroristic threat' for them to have an excuse to take all their oppression tools out for a sun tan or a moon dance, in what has now even become an urbandictionary entry aka SWATting?

that, is the scary part; what if someone pulled a 'SWATting' on an INNOCENT, lawfully armed resident's home at 3am?

it's like, 'got a political enemy that you want to settle scores with? They got a SWAT app for that!'

I'm sure the bodily harm, to outright murder committed by copthugs against the innocent, purely based on 'anonymous complaint' call-outs or wrong address police raids, if tracked, would be in the thousands, per year; it has become so disgustingly common and not to mention, ever unaccountable.

And while obviously it happens all the time now, but regardless, I sometimes truly have hard time understanding how these cops can even face themselves in the mirror the next day after something like this, no matter how sociopathic you are (okay, so rhetorical, but stil...).

who in their right mind WOULDN'T reach for their gun if awoken by home invaders breaking down your frontdoor?

and, if SWAT were really judicious and actually deployed the use of neurons once in a blue moon, it'd be one thing, but from all publicly available evidence, we all know that MOST SWAT raids occur against WRONG home addresses nowadays, as often and easy as breathing; modern SWAT have never heard of the term "reconnaissance," even a low level-recon... enough to figure out whether they, in their own 'selfish' self-preservational interests, will be risking their own lives against the 'correct' individual by at least checking to see if the address is even right.

just so insane.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul