Comment: i think i'm done

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i think i'm done

the system is rigged. they're stealing our delegates so he can't have a plurality in 5 states. compromising in those other states cost us delegates too. they dont want him to be able to get put on the ballot at the RNC. it would give him a speaking slot. and they certainly dont want to risk him getting nominated from the floor.

in case you're too stupid to realize this, OUR VOTE DOESN'T MATTER! your vote doesnt count. they rig the polls, they magically make delegates disappear, and they decide who wins...NOT YOU! due to this fact, i think i'm done. i dont wanna hear about politics anymore. we dont matter. we're idiots for arguing/debating when it's rigged anyway. i think i'm going to unregister from voting. i'm certainly getting the fuck out of the GOP! our republic is dead.