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I agree with you. Most people

I agree with you. Most people here are "free market" zealots willing to bring America to third world standard of living in the name of philosophy that is as utopian as communism. Free market never existed and what we have right now is centrally planned economy... not by government but corporate oligarchy.

It is joke to believe that Bill Gates, Sam Wilton honestly earned their billions... millions underpaid people worked for Microsoft or Wallmart "success" and they are sometimes one pay check from living on streets and Bill and Sam grandkids will not to have work for even an hour to be billionaires. All employees of single Wallmart combined will not make in their whole life time as much as Sam Wilton family is "earning" in a single year...

It is physically impossible to earn millions of dollars by working hard even if being as smart as Bill or Sam... to make such money you have to use others people hard work and pay for it very little.

American middle class was killed by globalization... new form of colonialism that exploit disparity in cost of living in the world to maximize short term profits by outsourcing most of good paying jobs to Asia. Even if US Government would cut tax to zero it would be still more profitable for most corporations
to use labor in Asia then to pay minimum wage in USA... the only way to stop outsorcing US jobs is use of extremelly high tariff for every product made abroad and shipped for sale to USA. Yes that is protectionism... but tariffs and borders existed for thousands of years and international trade flourished... crony capitalism can exist because there are no tariffs but borders and immigration laws keep sheeple in their birthplaces... the only freedom was granted to corporations to transfer capital and fruits of "slave" labour.

I am for ending the FED, ending wars, reducing or eliminating income taxes but all those things will not change much if nothing will be produced here because it is 10 times cheaper to produce it in China or Bangladesh...

Sure we can wait till disparity of cost of living will equlize but this means that many millions of Americans for many years would have to live in slums similar to those of Mumbay or Rio De Janeiro and work as hard as those in Jakarta in 16 hours shift for 10 dollars a day. Do you want this kind of "free market"? Well, I lived in communist system and I would preffer go back to it then living in such "free market for rich" hell.

The only way to achieve what most "free market" zealots here advocating (with attitude all or nothing) would be possible by establishing in USA dictatorship.... putting all Obama and millions of other "liberals" in concentration camps....and execute every person who support all social advancements 20 century offered... no free education, no 8 hours workday, no minimum wage, no free libraries, no SS, no Medicare... Good luck in trying that without oppresive government force! If you think this task is possible with just education and electing Ron Paul for president you have to be very naive. Even in countries that overthtrow communism getting rid of most of those things would bring communism back.