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My take

1. Least we forget the Palin Earthquake, they are trying to give us an open convention, which if they do, the plurality won't matter anyways. To my count Ron had 9 states, but I have not done the since the change

2. I think it has more to do with the weather because Tampa is worried.

3. The endorsement of Romney only tells me, tptb had a talk with Bills and reminded him, as they did Rand, of the loyalty oath. (no one bothered with Ron Paul as he was a loner.. he is no longer a loner, so they are using that loyalty oath.. I can only hope we get the opportunity to use it on them, but to do that we need to fill those seats, which Palin's grassroots are coming for in masse.

4. All political parties are in part of the establishment, as they all have by-laws that are registered with the counties and states they operate in. Our problem is the "area councils" where there is a relationship, stealth relationship, between governors, previous elected presidents, VPs. Sec... and CEOs of major corporations.. it's a problem because someone like Jeb Buch, or Bill Clinton makes a "friendly" phone call and talks to Rand or Bills into doing "the right thing", (if they want to remain in office). This is why we need to fill those seats.. they NEED US to be backing them.. not cheering them, but seated and backing them.