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Well, I am not in the high

Well, I am not in the high spheres of the GOP, that's for sure.

Hence, I have no clue of what their ACTUAL plans have been or still are.

I have a life of self-sustainability to take care of, thanks, so, my interest in politics is fairly limited to spurts of support to the only one who has principles and still believes in America : our good Dr.

Ron Paul's message has been a NO BRAINER for 40 years now. He cured my disgust in political affairs one year ago. Before that, it was even more depressing for me than today : I d see them ALL as corrupt.

He was a revelation. My excuse is I am foreigner and was on the other side of the Atlantic 3 years ago, still.

Now, if the GOP wants to lose. I don't give a piece of ant crap, or if they only want to beat King Obama and become alike him ... Just the same, they can go for it, them low lives.

But I have such a good memory ... I will remember, for sure, WHO STOOD UP and who didn't... When the situation gets so bad, that, on the edge of the abyss, the Revolution stops being a rhetorical phrase.

Time will tell. It always does.

Long live Ron Paul and this movement:

Taking back The Constitution of the United States of America and giving it back to The People.

Let's keep standing until Liberty is restored, and our honor saved towards the Founders of this country.


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