Comment: GOP had their own cronies for their health care plan.

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GOP had their own cronies for their health care plan.

Either way we will be forced to pay for a broken medical system. One that has left US fat, diabetic, osteoarthritic, depressed, hypertensive and white haired before our time.

The leading cause of death in the hospital is death by hospital, heart disease and cancer are close behind.

The average age of Doctors is less than 60 years old. All those 40 millions of poor without health care can look forward to a prescriptions for up to 60 years of life.

Meanwhile, the old man in South American is feeding llama dung to fuel his fire and using all ashes to fertilize his garden. The man is over a hundred years old. Like many of his centogenarian neighbors he never saw a Doctor.

We need a Congress to pass a bill making it legal to opt out of the system, now and forever.

I am not sure why the elite want to subject the uninsured to the death machine that is today's medical system.

Free includes debt-free!