Comment: sure he does..cause I say so

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sure he does..cause I say so

WHY are you waiting for permission to advance ...FROM THE ENEMY? Who fucking cares WHAT THEY SAY. You don't accept the enemies terms... you destroy the enemy!!! Instead all I hear is "did the rnc rule on whether Paul's name is placed in nomination? Fuck that...we won Maine twice..we make the rules. If you want Paul to be nominated you better be willing to take it cause the establishment obviously isn't going to hand you their power. Instead the are going to continue to change the rules and lie and cheat until someone persuades them not to. I bet the prospect of 10,000 angry liberty loving patriots bent on physically taking back what was rightfully earned would be pretty persuasive.

Change your attitude people and you will change your results. Stop acting like losers and you will be treated like winners.