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Ron Paul was betrayed

He asked all of us to join the GOP and get a committee seat. Most didn't. He can't FORCE people to do what he asked. HE KNEW what it would take to win and his supporters for the most part were UNWILLING to do what he asked.


There's no hard feelings from Ron Paul or from those like myself who did what Ron Paul asked all of us to do. Freedom is popular.

Too many refused to join the GOP and hoped Ron Paul would do what they wanted, not wanting to do what he wanted.. They wanted him to run Indy or third party. When Republican GJ put on a LP suit and borrowed RPs message, they ran to GJ, posted on here for weeks..

So blaming Ron Paul or the campaign for what supporters failed to do is misplaced blame.

Some have said, they could not become Republicans, could not become committee memebers, could not become delegates.. OK Ron Paul could not become president with lack of grassroots becoming a Liberty Tree in the GOP, and TPTB playing hard ball.

The good news is those who did what Ron Paul asked us ALL to do are now part of the establishment, heirs to Ron Paul's message, and will continue to fight for liberty within the GOP, even without the support of grassroots who have moved onto GJ and whoever. We are now facing the Palin Earthquake who is doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do except not for Ron Paul but for Palin.

May peace be with everyone.