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There's NOTHING stopping him?

Sometimes I think that people on DP don't read their own posts, or maybe they just don't believe what they post?

Over the years, I have read reams of "conspiracy theory" and documented FACTS, about TPTB. THE POWERS THAT BE are EXCEPTIONALLY POWERFUL. You have watched them, whether you believed it or not, do things that were beyond amazing, dispictable, historic, mind blowing.. and throughout all this, Ron Paul stood alone.. a joke, a misfit, an exception..and we ALL admired him and looked up to him, and many of us did what he asked, but not enough of us... that is a fact.. and it's not like it was easy for him, or us, to get where we are today. TPTB are not in this to play games. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT and THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET THAT.

Now as remarkable as Ron Paul is, and he is, he is NOT a martyr and no one should expect him to lay his life down. He's NOT asking us to die for him or for Liberty. he asked us to join the GOP and get a committtee seat, become a delagate and vote for him. He has asked us to do our part, and for those who did, to become the heirs to his message. We CAN do this, IF we do as he asked.

So to say he has nothing stopping him... HE DOES. He wants to LIVE and I want him to LIVE too. I want ALL of us to THRIVE.

It's amazing he has come as far as he did. People here say they are stealing his message.. actually, they are getting the message and GOOD! GOOD!! That's why we must carry on