Comment: We do have 5 states or more. Think positive.

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We do have 5 states or more. Think positive.

Even if all the Ron Paul delegates cannot be located or agree to sign, let those that want to sign do it, and JUST DO IT. Include the names of the other known Ron Paul delegates or not, and say they could not be located in time but have the option to sign later. Then in the Notarized letter before a notary republic, have the letter signed nominating Ron Paul. Give them a phone number or email address to later verify any missing information they might need. Say: "Any missing information does not deny this nomination." You can start:" We the duly voted delegates of the great State of _________, nominate Ron Paul for GOP nominee for President of the United States of America. Thereby place the name of Ron Paul on the 2012 RNC ballot for nomination for President. " Date it and include whatever other information you feel needs to be included. Actually every state that has a Ron Paul delegate or not, should if they can nominate Ron Paul, irregardless of whether the state has enough Ron Paul delegates or not. You do not know. Plus "plurality" means plural, meaning more then one. Some states might have 2 , some 3 some 4, some 10 etc. DO IT ! Let Santorum, Gingrich, or other delegates sign too if they wish. We welcome all. This is inclusive , not exclusive.