Comment: Don't ignore our Victories

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Don't ignore our Victories


I am surprised there hasn't been a Daily Paul post about the fact that the Republican Party has officially decided to take up the cause of the Gold Standard in its platform. For the first time in 30 years the discussion over monetary policy about commodity-backed hard money vs. fiat paper money has a place in the mainstream political discussion.

This was only made possible by the continued effort of Dr. Paul and the supporters of the Liberty Movement. Sure, this news is a setback and that is no question, but we all knew from the start that major change would have to be fundamental, gradual, and grassroots. Dr. Paul inspired an entire of generation (today is my 22nd birthday) of young people who view the country, economy, and role of government in a completely different light.

Obviously, we need to use a major party as a vehicle to enact the principles of liberty and Constitutionalism because unfotunately that is the reality of the process. However, we shouldn't only dwell on the negatives, think about where the Liberty Movement and gold standard discussions were just 5 years ago....we're making remarkable progress. Keep reading books, keep educating friends and family, and never stop fighting!