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Comment: He's going to run Independent

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He's going to run Independent

This is of course speculation, and maybe I'm dreaming but hear me out and tell me what you think...

The past several months seemed to make no sense, and even other things early on in the campaign:
- At beginning of campaign, Paul announces he will nmot seek congressional reelection while running for president
- Campaign announces they are not spending any more money on ad buys right before CA and TX primaries
- Rand endorses Romney
- Paul campaign gives up delegates in exchange for platform changes
- Rand Paul is a speaker at the convention (Romney thinks this will help bring the Paul supporters into the fold, it wont)
- Dr. Paul has a couple million in the bank still and isn't doing anything with it
- Paul says he will not accept a nomination from the floor
- Gary Johnson continues to push for the spotlight even though we all know he's a strong Paul supporter. Then they announce he will be with Ron Paul at the sun dome? Maybe his plan was to back Paul all along??

Every one of these things suddenly makes perfect sense *IF* Paul is considering an independent run. Imagine Johnson announces he is withdrawing from the race to endorse Dr. Paul? Paul announces Johnson as his VP choice? Rand Paul speaks at the convention and announces he is switching his endorsement live on the air so EVERYONE knows there is a 3rd choice.

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