Comment: Ron Paul deserves all respect.

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Ron Paul deserves all respect.

Ron Paul runs the campaign Ron Paul wants to run. Remember, he was a reluctant candidate in 2008 and in 2012. These are HIS choices to make. The writing is on the wall. He will not be the nominee.

It is sad to see supporters of his turn on him for not engaging in the "scratching at the door" tactics they prefer, like a dog the owners don't want to let into the house. Instead, Ron Paul proudly walks on with his head held high.

It is at this very moment that we should be lifting him to our shoulders to thank him for his effort made so selflessly for liberty, walking away from the fight for the moment. He will be back. He will write books, speak on television, raise money for candidates, etc.

We can individually fight and protest and score for liberty any way we wish. Fight for those delegates! Turn your back during the convention speeches! Wear protest shirts of suffrage! Write in Ron Paul! Go door to door for Gary Johnson!

But please stop picking fights with Ron Paul. Remember the political landscape in just 2007. It was NOTHING like today. Ron Paul deserves all respect.