Comment: I was thinking this was what happened last night.

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I was thinking this was what happened last night.

First the GOP is faced with the threat of the Tea Party, which they assimilate. Now, that they are faced with an even stronger threat, coming directly from the man they've been trying to put down for decades, they simply do the same. This is why they suddenly support auditing the Federal Reserve, and by essentially limiting the public's view of Paul's policies to just this one thing they can make a lot of people believe that they're listening to him, and to us; they can even make the less aware of us believe this.

I've seen this coming for a short while now, what with the media suddenly letting all of his policies other than fiscal issues drop to the wayside.

However, we will show them that we are not blind, and we will not follow anyone who will not advance all of Paul's policies, and we will vote for no one for President other than Paul.

We will relegate Romney to a footnote in history.

Ron Paul 2016