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Comment: That is correct

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That is correct

My goal to achieve liberty and freedom through the GOP, which I will play like a drum in the GOP orchestra. I do not love the GOP, I love my country that has lost it's way, and my goal is to restore America to constitutional government.

The majority of Ron Paul supporters did not do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do. I don't call that support.

The RP campaign can not invite you.. they could only clue you in, you had to do the research... most didn't. And those of us, like me, I've been saying the same thing like a broken record for months.. there are many here who claim to be Ron Paul supporters but they are not.. they are here to distract, attack those who are doing what Ron Paul asked all of us to do by installing doubt to those who are not sure.

I had to attend my meetings as a guest for a year.. when a member would miss three consecutive meetings, I moved that the member had met the requirments to be removed, I asked for them to be removed and for me to replace them.

I do deal with it.. I have a meeting this saturday.. I was sent the minutes that were full of mistakes and sent a letter back to correct those minutes.

Meanwhile, Palin's Earthquake is coming in to take what seats are available.. so I will work with them, and why Rand is so important.