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Comment: Look a vote for Romney is a vote AGAINST future generations

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Look a vote for Romney is a vote AGAINST future generations

I don't post often. I am 39 years old and have two young kids. I have never NOT voted gop so I am not a liberal democrat. I read the site regularly though recently after Rand I have been disheartened. I also have financially contributed a significant amount of money to the campaign. With all of that said I would like to add the follow:

I look at posts by the person Granger (not sure if male or female and I don't care) that talk about working within the GOP. While that type of logic and strategy are correct and should be focused on over the next decade - I STONGLY believe liberty lovers should not vote for Romney.

Granger's age of 55 says all I need to know about how he/she thinks about things. The boomers have one last shot to save themselves in the extend and pretend game and they want Romney. If we fall into their talking points and think the GOP platform will really push for our beliefs and if we vote for Romney we are really suckers. People don't change and they certainly don't change in a few months. We all know Romney and Ryan's voting records. We all know the House couldn't even stop the debt ceiling from continually being increase. We all know nothing will change.

Well nothing will change except the babyboomers will not have to pay for their irresponsibility. They may be able to extend Romeny out 8 yrs and add to our debts a little slower than Obama. Imagine your young sons and daughters 8 yrs older, imagine a debt of 24 trillion with god knows what level of off balance sheet medicare/social security liabilities. Imagine the boomers hitting their 70s/80s - they know that is the best they can hope for and they are trying to get it. They are trying to get it on the backs of our young kids today.

Please please please don't let them. Don't vote for Romeny. HEck if you want go total Galt and vote for Obama IF you live in a true swing state. I personally would not vote for him if I lived in a state were it won't be close (one way or the other) because it would kind of make me sick.

If Ron Paul endorses Romeny I will be sadden beyond belief, I just hope we don't get fooled again.