Comment: Onward

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Webster Tarpley figured this all out months ago. Ron Paul was never in it to win it. His purpose was to run cover for Romney to secure a Romney win and to sucker the youth into supporting cuts in their own Social Security and Medicare. The Pauls are working for the globalist banking cartel they pretend to oppose. That's how the elite always operate, by creating controlled opposition to give the illusion of a struggle which you always lose. That's why there have been so many head-scratching moments during these Paul campaigns. Ron always supported the globalists' plan of no tariffs, cheap offshore labor, anti-union "right" to "work" (for third world wages), and gold (which the elites have been hoarding for years, plundering it from national treasuries). The $1 trillion cuts in his budget plan cut the military-industrial complex by only 15% while it cut everything else by 60%. In the end, he had more allegiance to the Austrian School, sponsored by the Rockefellers, than to the Founding Fathers. Anyway, it's time to move on from the Pauls. Their mission has been accomplished. Feel free to hop on the Hannity express alongside Rand, Mr. Sanctions, or wander into the desert with Guantanamo Gary, if that's slightly less revolting. At least Tarpley is not afraid to defend the fact that 9/11 was an inside job, and he's even more against the Federal Reserve than the Pauls.