Comment: Who is Gary Franchi?

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Who is Gary Franchi?

The person who made sure New Hampshire was NOT mailed any Super Brochures.

And if I had not checked on the DVDs that were supposed to be included with the Super Brochures, I may not have known until after Thanksgiving. This would have caused the Independents in IA not to get a Super Brochure. I still remember the empty feeling of betrayal when I realized that Gary and RevPac had just raised over $100,000 and didn't plan on doing the mailings.

A traitor is the worst enemy of any group. And I know that there are many in the Liberty movement. A traitor will look active but get nothing done. They will try to divide and cause drama. Their weapon is doubt.

And what you are seeing here is someone creating doubt about someone who is starting to be a name in the Liberty movement.

After seeing this, I feel I need to post the story of what happened last November. Especially since Gary is an MC at P.A.U.L Fest. The truth needs to be out there.

In Liberty,

Curt Schultz
Owner of and the Ron Paul Super Brochure

Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"