Comment: From what I have heard....

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From what I have heard....

From last night's conference call,previous calls, and public statements:

1. Not much. We got more than we had hoped for if not EVERYTHING we wanted. [My take is that we have gotten everything we could reasonably obtain from a platform committee and convention where we do not have the majority of the delegates.]

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. No. We don't have anywhere near enough delegates even if they are all released to vote for their preferred candidate.

5. This I don't know. Good question. [My take, again, is that the campaign is trying to seat as many delegates as they can but that we didn't/don't have the numbers on the committees to win an outright knock down, drag out war.]

The question you should be asking yourself (and the rest of us) is have our expectations been raised unrealistically by all of the rumors and speculation and opinions that have been disguised as facts? And has Dr. Paul and many of those nearest him been trying to prepare us for the current situation and make the best of our very real successes?

I think the answer is clearly, yes.

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