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lol, sorry

Justin said that this isn't true and that he is just going to support whomever is nominated. Which is obviously just political doublespeak seeing that Romney has already been nominated considering the Obvious actions of the GOP.

I know, I know...There is a secret plan that is going to unfold at the last minute and all of us are going to be absolutely shocked. I'm going to spend the weekend with Liberty friends and come back to this thread on Monday so we can all cheer and celebrate the big surprise that is hours away..The suspense is too much.

Sorry folks, It just makes me want to vomit when I hear people say that these guys have to play this game in order to stay relevant within the Liberty movement yet fail to see that with such blatant corruption and fraud within the GOP being exposed to everyone. After this election anyone still backing the GOP whether they are honest or not is not going to be taken seriously by most. With the political awakening that is going on, anyone that is wise would be washing their hands of the GOP and distancing themselves as soon as possible.

If I remember correctly, Most only supported the GOP because Ron was trying to change it and we were hoping the already failing GOP would recognize the size and strength of the Liberty movement and want to embrace it so they could bring numbers into the ranks. This has proven to be false. So I will be going to the town hall on Monday and changing my voter registration card. Time to wipe away the filth..

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