Comment: You just dont get it do you?

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You just dont get it do you?

You just dont get it do you?

This isnt about one man, this isnt about Ron Paul. This isnt about the GoP or being a Republican. This isnt even about POTUS.

YES we want Ron Paul to win and guide this great country back to its roots, but this nomination is only the first of many battles. Even if we won, do you really think this battle is over?

I questioned exactly what did you learn from Ron Paul if you are in fact a Ron Paul supporter?
You obviously just dont understand that this is about a message, and Ron Paul was just the messenger.

You cannot get GJ votes here, you cannot recruit Libertarians here. You cannot decieve those whos eyes are open. We did not become Republicans because we are Republican, just as we will not become Libertarians because we are Libertarian. We do this out of necessity.

This is about changing the whole damn corrupt system and you cant do that from the outside. This is the first of many battles to win back America from the hands of those who would use the political system to thier own advantage.

Step 1:
We will join and stay in the republican party, we will take it over, removing all the corruption from within.

Step 2:
Then we will join and stay in the democratic party, we will take it over as well.

Step 3:
We will then go join the Libertarian party and remove the corruption there, because corruption will flock to anywhere power can be taken, and it must be extinguished.

It must be nice that you dont actually stand for anything other than a name "Libertarian," and with no options or fighting power left you want to feel like your making a difference so you vote for GJ.

But do what you want Libertarian, go join your named party and feel welcomed, leave the real fighting to us, the Sovereign Citizens of the United States.

You want real change? Go run for office.

"Power is very dangerous, the only thing more dangerous is not having it"