Comment: How convenient for Tate! Handy disclaimer to have a ...

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How convenient for Tate! Handy disclaimer to have a ...

How convenient for Tate! Handy disclaimer to have a 'misspoke' on staff... Those are always nice and very useful disinformation idiots!

Balderdash! How can one 'misspeak' on that phrase about an issue of such magnitude!

Some in the campaign are well paid, but out of touch with the reality of the grassroots, the suffering, the total dedication to victory with no compromise. Had there really been a misstatement of that magnitude, there would have been a logical clarification and correction which made clear the original statement!

Tate's excuse is silly and condescending!

Tate's comment that Paul would accept of course "if handed the nomination", is not only ambiguous and condescending, it is also misleading! Keep it simple Tate, 'Will Ron Paul clearly accept AND speak if he receives the requisite number of delegation nominations!?!? That is the real question!

'Handed the nomination' is a misleading phrase. No one is handed the nomination unless there is zero opposition! That will never happen.
Maybe the question for Tate should be: "Do you mean Ron Paul will only accept the nomination if 100% of the convention votes for him!?"

Many in the GOP are oblivious to the founder's real truth: the founders ceased prostrating themselves entirely! They did not revert to part-time prostrating but allowing all the evils of the tyrant to continue unabated in order to gain a seat at the table, or to gain acceptance or position!

They met force with force, the command to surrender with shots in defense of liberty. There was zero tolerance, no compromise with tyranny! It was total victory for liberty, or death, the only acceptable outcomes! This is the mindset of truth and liberty which Ron Paul has spawned. And it is good, it is moral, it is the way of liberty blessing for this nation and for all the world!

Match that up with the confusion bubbling from the leadership in recent weeks! Instead of a no holds barred fight in credentials it has become a small skirmish over how unified the Romney fun packed party will be. Instead of Paul vs. Romney for nomination it is who of the Paul delegates will get to have the first Romney perk... 'step up quick or loose your place in line!'

Beware the propaganda folks. If there was simple victory for Romney, there would be no squabbles over a few delegates! The fact that they are fighting now over credentials issues needs to be taken to every media outlet!

There will be no compromise, no unanimity, no fun party, no cakewalk! The grassroots should be running the campaign. Be assured, the grassroots will do so going forward!

As The New American magazine just published this month, a comparison of Obomny and Roboma leaves the anointed 'Quigley' choice a mere coin toss! That is exactly why there will be far fewer people voting at all!

It is truly a sad day to know the real choice of freedom and liberty is headed again to the dust bin of history, as is the nation which so needed that choice! It is no wonder all the rest of the world, already in bondage and fear, weeps as the light of liberty flickers close to extinction!