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If his own delegates can't

If his own delegates can't convince the other delegates, nothing he says will change it. A 5-15 minute speech isn't enough time anyways to convince people. If that were the case, the debates would have won them over a long time ago. Realize that it's not up to RP to do everything. It's our job to move the cause forward.

All this boils down to, is accusing RP of not doing his share in moving the cause forward. It's possible of course, but I for one trust in his initial judgement. Because I think it likely that he knows better than us what is necessary. Most of us tend to be far too emotional to take the long term view on this issue. And the beauty of a thing like freedom is, is that if you disagree with RP, you have the freedom to do something about it and prove yourself right. But that takes more action and less criticizing.