Comment: Here's what I'm trying to say (and have been saying)

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Here's what I'm trying to say (and have been saying)

for years now.

Consumer-Sovereignty (as Mises - RP's Mentor - has pointed out) is when you rule via the POS (point of sale) -- your "daily dollar vote"

Only then, when no one can interfere wit the daily dollar vote, can you maintain a free-society.

What is interference?
---As RP and Mises point out:

1) War
2) Theft
3) Laws or Regulation that circumvent consumer-will

Individualism is when everyone rules.

Totalitarianism is when one or a few rule
---Caste System

Corporatism is when everyone "thinks" they rule via electorate

Voting and Lobbying is Perpetual War
1) It is an abdication of consumer-rule
---to rule via ballot box rather than POS)
2) The decisions the elected candidate will
---to disrupt the consumptive decisions of

Voting and Lobbying are "false" economic-goods
1) They do not exist (ballot box wise) in a free-society
---A free-society being a place where gov't cannot circumvent consumer will
2) Wars are only EVER fought over false-market-demand goods
---The demand for drugs, fuel, metals, agriculture are not played out in free-market demand; we fight wars to fulfill false-demand-curves and to drive controlled profitability for the entitled-rich.

Voting and Lobbying (the very act) grows gov't power
1) The profits made by elections alone
2) Increase in political war chests
---which increases the sell-out potential value

Ron Paul said (paraphrase) "you cannot produce a free-society at the barrel of a gun -- free-trade is the vehicle to ensure a libertarian outcome"

Lobbying is Bribery -- Quite literally. The vote is to get the guy in office but the lobbying is to ensure his future voting trends. It's a pay-off, hahaha.

War is simply consumptive-control -- either to increase ones consumptive choices or to control or decrease another's.

We must "trade" (as RP implies) and not "war" if we want a free-society.

Therefore voting and lobbying (being an act of war) is the OPPOSITE activity to foster free-trade.

Simple deduction my dear Watson *wink*