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Comment: you are on a tear today grange!

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you are on a tear today grange!

I've done literally NONE of those things, where are you getting all of this? I've literally never said a negative word about any of these people and in fact I've defended them on several occasions here.

I lost my job for this campaign. One of my best friends too. I gave my last dime for this campaign and maxed out with savings I couldn't afford to spend. I'm going to drive from south FL in a borderline hurricane on Sunday morning to support Dr. Paul in whatever he decides to do next. I couldn't become a deity delegate like you because I'm in FL where 0 Paul delegates were elected. I did try though despite having 0 political experience and being outnumbered 100 to 1 here in broward county.

Thanks for clarifying that all of my efforts have been complete shit though.

I genuinely appreciate YOUR efforts (and the efforts of all of you incredible supporters around the country) over these years and I know you will support Dr. Paul to the very end. Thank you for all that you have done and I mean that.

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