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This is goofy

This is an absurd rule when you take into consideration that at caucuses the voting is only a presidential preference poll. Of the people who came to support a candidate or find out more about the candidates, they preferred this guy. They elect their delegates, they go through the process convention by convention until they reach the RNC. That is the essence of representative Democracy!

If in precinct 1 you have 50 vote for Cand. A and 20 for Cand. B, that precinct may be entitled to 5 delegates to the County convention and Cand. A's guys make sure they fill all 5 spots. At precinct 2 you have 50 votes for Cand. A and 500 for Cand. B because it's a strong GOP Precinct. That Precinct gets 50 delegates, but Cand. B never organized his supporters and they really don't care much who gets nominated and so they all leave, so the 50 Cand. A supporters fill the delegate slots in the election to represent the will of their precinct.

While the better organized campaign got the delegates, the candidate nobody feels strongly for gets the popular vote and is so assumed to have been better organized and worthy of nomination. The RNC cannot make that so... they cannot make that so at all...