Comment: I laughed to hear Romney's attorney Ginsberg say

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I laughed to hear Romney's attorney Ginsberg say

that they'd realized "a damaging flaw in the presidential election process in 2012." (And he was referring to delegate SOP?) I hope someone has a video tape of when he made the statement so O'Reilly's body-language pro can analyze the face.

"I'd say the wrinkled brow shows that he's legitimately concerned except for that hand covering his grin, the quick left eye wink, and his shaking shoulders."

Ginsberg didn't raise all the issues we have here, nor those reflected in lawsuits or published by mathematicians - all the foul play from DAY ONE, because from the Romney/RNC perspective those weren't flaws but everything operating according to plan. P.S. If Romney/the RNC win the presidential election, will they be calling for the abolition of the Senate?

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