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Do you even understand how

Do you even understand how schemes based on debased currencies work ?

It is not even yesterday's news. It has been going on in various extents for 2000 years.

Here is a refresher, bouncing back on the point you keep trying to make about the fallacious need (to us, but not for you it seems) to redistribute wealth.

Why do you want to do so ? Because you think it is not fair that some get so rich and others don't. Ok, fair enough. But did you even ask yourself how come some super wealthy manage to rig the system and get so rich in seemingly unjustifiable means ?

Here is how IT WILL STILL going to work for them even if you tax them more, and redistributing health that way helps in no way to fix the injustice:

when you print money out of nothing, those who profit first are those who get their hands on the money first:

the money goes from the Federal Reserve to banks, no matter their performances are, then to the big corporations who make deals with the regulators; it is a top down scheme: at the end of the day, the working class is screwed because by the time the money that lost its value gets into our daily routine, those who printed the money in such absurd amounts have acquired TANGIBLE assets. Be it goods, estate, or companies, services, or contracts, you name.

The SCAM is designed TO DESTROY the currency. To need always more of it to buy less. It is designed to make MANY MORE of the total population POORER by MANIPULATING the face value of money.

Then, people like you demand for help to be provided BY THE SAME REGULATORS (administrations) that enabled this to be set up in the first place. Redistributing wealth is a strawman : you fix NOTHING of the initial problem which is a system completely RIGGED by regulators WHO DON'T care for a second about the laws of free market are:

you sell your labor, first cheap. By acquiring skills and experience over time, YOUR INTRINSIC value on the market RISES, so you can sell your labor for more. Doing so, you acquire assets by spending more of the money that YOU EARNED, reinjecting it in the market. It is no rocket science. This works as long as you have fair competition: no group or domain privileged over others by force of laws.

This is what has been DENIED in 1913 by the same who created the Federal Reserve AND the IRS, after the FALSE and IMMORAL and DESTRUCTIVE idea that government has a "right" over the internals of the market functioning.

This got out of hand, when, in addition to putting more and more into welfare schemes, they ALSO needed to fund wars in a Globalist, Corporate Imperialism agenda (selling weapons IS juicy).

Doing so they had the debt growing over the People explode EXPONENTIALLY, debasing always more what our labor can afford us to get honestly to sustain ourselves, MAKING us always more dependent on demagogue welfare and wealth redistribution schemes.

End The Fed. Free the market and make currencies compete, just as goods, services, and workers. Make the corporation boards accountable again: if they fail, screw them, no bailouts. Concerned about jobs ? In a free market, YOUR INTRINSIC value is UNRELATED and not dependent on the failures of your employer. You ll always find someone else to hire you AT YOUR VALUE and who play by the rules and is successful, with good services or products, and not a cheater.

On a free market, that is. Otherwise :

Bailouts ARE the ultimate injustice on RIGGED markets: your government corrupt and lobbyists are only willing to save their buddies' butts, or themselves, by stealing from the rest of the work force and companies WHO CREATE actual value and sustain families, instead of being parasites.

You are vastly ignorant about human nature and economics, and completely ignorant about history it seems.

It is never too late to do yourself a favor:

Open some books on these topics and READ THEM.

If you don't even bother making this simple effort and prefer stay in abstract schemes of thought that deny facts and history, then you are not just ignorant, but also arrogant and stupid. And indeed, your ideal place won't be based on free markets and fair reward of one's efforts, but based on THEFT and cronyism instead.

Just like today. But hey, whatever floats your boat.


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