Comment: The Cost To Win The Primary Just Skyrocketed

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The Cost To Win The Primary Just Skyrocketed

That stifles grass roots power.

It would take $50 to $100 million to win the primaries by popular vote, especially considering the expensive media markets around the country. Then it would take another $250 million or more to win the general.

Perhaps it might be time to price out the cost of making a third party candidate viable.

Third parties have not been able to win the Presidency because of the laws that favor monopolies and the mind of the public that won't elect non-monopoly candidates.

However, with $100 million, it might become a better deal for a candidate to spend the money in a third party for the general election. It might be enough to buy the markets needed to make the third party candidate viable.

The question remains, however, of how to divert the donations from the monopoly parties to the third parties.

Gene Louis
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