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7th circuit court judge David

7th circuit court judge David Carter ruled in favor of "Lawyers for Ron Paul" that the federal election laws do govern the RNC convention and any other federal election convention in the future. He tentatively ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, that the delegates are unbound and can vote for whomever they want. And it was mentioned that there can be no intimidation, coersion, or anything else like that to force delegates to vote a certain way. Attorney, Richard Gilbert, said the RNC attorneys were angry and told Judge Carter they were going to do whatever they wanted. And Gilbert said the judge looked shocked when they said it. This is not over. Don't walk out. Be like Gandhi and his followers. Do what is right and if they start hauling people out, what is it going to actually show the nation and the world? Read the Declaration of Independence once again before Monday. You have a duty. Be peaceful. And Godspeed!