Comment: The Ron Paul revolution is in

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The Ron Paul revolution is in

The Ron Paul revolution is in every country and every city in the world! 

For political to say the revolution won't be at the RNC is like saying there won't be any air to breath! 

What we must do is dress our best! Go there in suits and ties! Blend in! And just practice your freedom of speech!! Chant Ron Paul whenever you feel it necessary! The whole world will be watching and so will all of America! 

They claim we won't be there we will be there and we are everywhere do not forget that!!!!!

We have had enough of their lies and deception! This is about Ron Paul and his great leadership and ideas he spoke when no one else was but we are all Ron Paul! We are all individuals and we do not need to follow Ron Paul we need to lead the revolution the only way we know how!  We are the revolution!

Spreading the message of individual liberty and freedom!

If they hand cuff us or throw in cages let the world see it! Be everywhere do not stay home! Just drive, fly or ride! Get to Tampa and be ready for amazement!