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Thank you, EVERYONE

As it was on top, I chose this post to respond so that I could thank you all. What I'd really like is to spread the word about this elsewhere, but I simply don't have the time to do it. If you guys could help out by tweeting it, FBing it, redditing, Digging, whatever the hell, I'd surely appreciate it.

To Freedom Ninja: Man, I loved Canada. Going from Detroit to Windsor was like entering OZ; returning was like descending into the 7th level of Hell. I'm ashamed that the first thing some Canadians see when they cross at Windsor is the asshole of the US - and I live in MI, so I'm allowed to say it.

In fact, I'm ashamed of my government as a whole. It's filled with thieves, liars, and murderers. There may be a dozen honest men out of the Gang of 535. Even if they weren't responsible for the death of MY daughter, they are responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands, if not millions, of other innocents.

Being an American used to make me proud; now I'm anything but. Ron Paul was my last hope.

The Republic has fallen my friends.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.