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Comment: what is your end point?

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what is your end point?

i always knew paul's bid either in 08 or 12 will need somewhat of a miracle. his '12 run surprised me by a large margin already. i initially thought it would parallel the '08 run, until i thought of the economic situation and it all made sense.

why i donated 2k to paul even though i knew chances were slim? it's because he continues to pull in people despite what is a failure strictly in political terms. he arouses tremendous energy and continuously infuses the movement with new blood, something johnson and LP have yet to do on their own without paul. ya i realize that's exactly what you're trying to do here, if you succeed, you can say gary's bid is summoning tremendous energy.

but since i am your target audience, i can just tell you in the face right now as kind of a feedback to how you're performing--barely. gary himself isn't particularly exciting, and neither is your mannerism particularly appealing. i guess gary's supporters tend to be the same ilk. hey don't just ask me--look around you. who else previously disinterested in paul are finding tremendous liking in johnson in large numbers and are willing to drop obama over it? where are the gj signs? you think it's us paul supporters' fault there hasn't been gj signs all over the US? really?