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Mr. Bell, if you look closely

Mr. Bell, if you look closely at relationships in Protestant canon, you'll see the proper role of patriarchal relationships, i.e. master to servant or husband to wife. You may not LIKE the implications, but such roles are clearly defined. Divorce is a consequence of one or both of the united party being unwilling to adhere to their defined role whether rebellious servant or masterful abuser. United parties MUST be of similar intent, i.e. husband and wife working TOGETHER, so no compromise is necessary. Separated parties of dissimilar intent MUST compromise in order to achieve a goal which is the source of the problem. Compromise is a dirty word at ANY degree and implies separated parties with dissimilar intent. The KEY is eliminating or reducing dissimilar intent through truth and education.

The invasion of Paul's ideology into the GOP will eventually FORCE the neo-conservatives within the GOP to change, compromise or leave. As the invasion progresses and dissimilar intent is mitigated through education and departure, the TEMPTATION to compromise will slowly disappear along with the opposition.