Comment: What Ron Paul told Kurt Bills.

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What Ron Paul told Kurt Bills.

Ron Paul told to vote his do what he had to do. In other words he told him that he should not look to him to tell him what to do. The rest of it, about Ron Paul saying that he wasn't going to win the nomination etc. Kurt Bills simply added of his own accord. I believe that was Kurt Bills' own assessment based on which he decided to endorse Romney even though he is a Ron Paul national delegate.

The reason he says he will endorse Romney is because he needs the money to beat his Democratic opponent in November and to pay his people because he has run out of money.

Listen to the conversation and you will hear the hesitation after he said that Ron Paul told him to vote his do what he had to do. After that point it is all Kurt Bills' own beliefs and assumptions on show. I imagine that Rand Paul had a similar conversation with his dad before he endorsed Romney. Rand however did not say that his dad expected to lose.

This may appear to be a betrayal by Kurt but one thing he did emphasise was that he will vote for Romney in the November election and this is what he considers to be an endorsement. It does not mean he will vote for Romney at the Convention to which he is a national delegate. He has acted rationally because like many he is assuming that Romney will be the nominee. That remains to be seen in my view and I personally believe that Ron Paul will be nominated and go on to be elected President.

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