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I down voted you. Ron Paul

I down voted you. Ron Paul can't micromanage every aspect of his campaign...hes constantly traveling, writing, and doing his congressional job...I think he is doing his part amazingly well.

Ron Paul just isn't the kind of guy who turns people in. He rolls with things just as he has with the racist accusations. He never ratted out the author of the newsletters to this day despite immense pressure. Benton is now a relative of his so of course he isn't going to throw him under the bus. Also, RP has got to pretty happy with how far things have come. I don't think he is disappointed. I'm sure he hates the RNC GOP corruption but he knows well the evil of the organizations that run things and that are sucking off the teat of gov't. To allude to some sort of nepharious deception of RP is ridiculous. I know everyone is disappointed in the blunders of the campaign, and they are far from perfect, but lets also admit that our movement has come a long way and that no matter what the campaign says or does the real action is in our hands.