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Oh Yes

One poll is over three weeks old - and talks about likeability / personal favorability - that is routine in the polls but it is also routine in the polls that Romney consistently beats Obama on the issue of who is better equipped to manage the economy and the number 1 issue to people is the economy which explains why the polls are so tight - Obama wins on personal likeability - Romney has him beat on economic management - so they virtually tie over and over in the polls regarding the question - "who do you intend to vote for"

And the second poll of a few swing states was more current than the other poll which by now is ancient history but even it talked in terms of "slight Obama leads". So this particular poll just supported what I said - the polls show that the race is tight.

By the way - I quoted the average of all polls kept by real clear politics - you looked around and found two isolated polls that supported the point you wanted to make. I was 100% honest - you were deceptive which says something about your lack of character.