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Don't twist my words

First, let's stop with this caste system. I've never said there was a caste system.. "we all have our roles" and I do appreciate what you have sacrificed and done.

Let's admit, we don't do it for Ron Paul, we do it for our own interest in freedom and liberty.

It's those committee seats that I feel I can not press enough about. Those are THE KEY TO EVERYTHING. All the other stuff is hard work that can be reduced to NOTHING overnight, you've seen it happen. It's those damn seats that we need more than anything.

I hear all kinds of excuses. I was a GUEST.. A VISITOR.. for a year. They didn't want me. They have done what they could to get me to walk away. I won't. I'm onto it and I want everyone here to be onto it.

What really feels good to me is getting them, as that's how we get those Neocons, taking their seats. It's killing me to see the Palin people flooding in now. I'm thinking DAMN IT why can't Ron Paul Republicans wake up?

I have my ideas why. But instead of spending your last dime and working your butt off to watch it all go to hell.. just start going to those meetings, even as a guest. BE THERE!

That is THE KEY and that is MY MESSAGE.

I deeply appreciate your contributions... I really don't want to see you mess your life up over this but improve your life. That is what a committee can do.. 2 hours a month and you get more done than spending your last dime.

Peace be with you, LOVE, B.B. GRACE