Comment: I guess it was officially when GHWBush started IDU

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I guess it was officially when GHWBush started IDU

The Republican Party in the USA is part of a larger INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION started by GHWBush while he was the Republican Vice President of the United States of America.

The organization is called the INTERNATIONAL DEMOCRAT UNION. They get together and discuss policy and procedures to basically create an international voting block that would support UN initiatives.

This may explain GHWBush's famous NEW WORLD ORDER speech
(That man should have been impeached right then.)

And it may explain why the Republicans were debating sex education during the creation of the Party platform this week and why they support NDAA. And why they would choose nearly impossible to differentiate Romney as the GOP Nominee to oppose Obama.

It may also explain why Ron Paul endorsed like every third party candidate he could think of last election.

NOTE: Iceland on the chart at
This organization is in the minority now -that tells you that they used to be in the majority and tells you what the IDU stands for.

That's right. The Republicans really are Democrats.