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Even if people have been

Even if people have been coopted, the challenges government faces can't be therefore the ideas to fix them won't go away either. This was and is and never will be a personality movement that can merely be quelled by cooption and haf-a$$ed apeasement of figureheads. IDEAS have consequences. Ugene Debs and the Socialists had every one of their ideas coopted and put into real terms over decades by the Democrats. Ron Paul may go away, I may go away, but the ideas won't go away because we have already won ... the Pandora's Box has been opened never to be re-sealed until enough of the ideas have been implemented. As Brazillian author Paulo Coelho once wrote: "When one really wants something, the world conspires to make it happen." Their near-term goal is to appease and undermine, but they know they can't even stop the end game. The Truth is no longer Treason, but conversely, popular ...which was the idea all along.