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Comment: Tarply said Mitch daniels would be vp pick on Alex Jones

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Tarply said Mitch daniels would be vp pick on Alex Jones

After Bilderberg. He's full of it, and he's full of himself. Having no tariffs would allow prices to work(why should someone demand that you change their prices to suit your needs,if you don't like the price, don't buy it).He doesn't demand a gold standard, as central planners would, he wants to allow competiton in currencies, so we could develop a non debt based monetary system in the free market ourselves without dictates by our overlords.His budget reduces dept of defense spending from the CBO baseline with war spending included from 697 billion to 501 billion, which is more than 15%.(the first number listed on the plan to restore America which states a 15% reduction in DOD spending, excludes war spending).How is the Austrian school sponsored by the Rockefellers? If it is they are not getting much bang for their buck because the Austrian school has a very small following( much larger now thanks to Dr Paul).Besides Rockefeller believed strongly in government regulation to help eliminate his competitors.Competition is a sin I believe the old man said.
The last statement really makes me laugh. Tarpley is more against th Fed than Ron paul! Lets see what did Tarpley do this summer besides french kiss his marble bust of FDR. Hmmm, o yeah he talked out his ass and made bs predictions that never came true. Meanwhile Ron was passing the first complete audit of the fed bill,and running for president, while Rand is trying to find cosponsors for the bill in the senate(29 so far)The difference is Tarpley is a crackpot, and the Pauls are doing things to try to change the course of history.