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1. delivered MILK as a child
2. delivered newspapers.
3. army surgeon.
4. Ob Gyn, even delivered minority babies for free when they only had medicare, which he wouldnt accept and explained to the poor pregnant minority women that the medicare money was other peoples money stolen by government. so he delivered them for free.
5 Originally from Pa. Pa. state motto back then was "youve got a friend in Pennsyvania" substititue "Jesus" for Pa. I was always taught as a child and heard it over and over "I have a friend in Jesus".
6. Name Ronald Ernest Paul. Name initials spell REP.
7. middle name is Ernest.
8. Never brings shame on himself or his family.
9. has never been immoral.
10. Never lies.
11. Believes in defense of all innocent life where ever it may be found.

What more do we need to say?
he has better qualifications then even most apostles did.

Could this be the bible being written for todays times that are happening now? Our current bible only goes back 6k years.
were there other bibles and times before that one?
Something is definitely a foot, I have felt it.
something happened back during the 08 campaign to me.
I was not spiritual. but am now.
It was like I was in another consciousness and it lasted for 8 weeks and started on Holy Thursday.
I had premenitions.
everything was based on the timing.
things were wierd.
I was physically beat red. lost 60lbs and fasted for 7 days. ate for two then fasted for 3 more. not by my choice. I was ordered to.
went from 235lbs to 177 in 6 weeks. (gained 2o back since)
I went to church twice a day. woke at the same moment. everything was so strange.
almost like being awashed in the Holy Spirit. 24 hours a day, in constant prayer.
I was being shown things.
Evil that was around us and our movement. It scared me but I faced it. I thought i would die of a heart attack, but didnt, thats how scared.. for weeks it went on..
gave away $30k in belongings to good will because i was "told" to.
2 months later my townhome was washed away by hurricane ike. COMPLETELY WASHED AWAY. everything i owned, except the cable box was lost. 90% all ready went to good will by that time.
I was instructed to put it in the guest bathroom and was the only thing that survived and i didnt have to pay $400 for it.
i was going to ride the storm out, but had a preminition and left with 10 hours before land fall.
all this while studying and learning the bible and dr, pauls teachings.
so much more happened and I have never said anything. not even to family.
but my word is something is happening right under our noses and some are spiritual enough to feel it and some realize that Paul has something to do with it.
I know its all crazy but its the truth.
tell me you dont feel something in your gut with Ron Paul.
Tell me he does not move you like youve ever been moved before when he speaks. No hes not the messiah, but he is certainly someone very very very special. I just know it.

PS. Just look at the blatant evil that goes up against him. But does so indirectly. Wont even look at him when he speaks.
Paul has power over them, its obvious. BTW Paul is still alive. Paul with all his arrows he has thrown at this evil and for so long, is still alive.
what does that say?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016