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Launchpad for our future in

Launchpad for our future in Liberty ? I don't know.

GRAVE of what was left of the GOP's pretended morality, for sure.

No doubt now that they'd stab their own parents just to get their retirement pensions and savings, to continue burning a money THEY DON'T even have a clue of what it used to represent.

Foolish selfish materialistic losers. God luck with their begging and tail wagging before their UN and IMF masters...

We're standing and will be ready for something else entirely.

Because we are Free. We don't need masters to grant us anything for our lives to have a meaning.

They can just wait to get some REAL fun with the consequences of their shameful acts.

Everything happens for a reason. They are incapable of projecting this simple truth of life into any future that relies on consciously chosen principles. They prefer to stay blind and selfish in their present.

Time is coming when life has to recall this to them.


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