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The only way we're going to

The only way we're going to get anywhere is by making it so that the libertarian party cannot be ignored. Convincing all of those that said a 3rd party couldn't win that it could if we all supported it. And then what better than Libertarianism... the "non-party party"... to set not only the example for everyone else, but to show how we are ALL libertarians at heart led astray by misconceptions about the role of government and the idea that being a good person means forcing others to be like us.

As people alone without a government or party to fall into... we're all libertarian.

This kind of revolution, a re-awakening of liberty seeking individuals, is exactly what the two party system was meant to try and keep at bay.

If we all realized we were libertarian... we wouldn't need parties... and the only ones trying to hold onto them would be those that had power with their existence.

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