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This tentative Gary Johnson backup plan

does not impress me. I speak from my own country post our 2011 election.

Australia did something of the same with its two-party system (like your two-party system, minus a Ron-Paul-like figure). Unimpressed by the system, a large chunk of voters opted to do a protest vote for the third party (they call themselves Greens and are radical socialists).

Note that it was a *protest vote*, and not a strong, *this-is-my-choice* vote. It could also be considered a *back-up vote* owing to how few options we had in our election. See, our vote is compulsory, meaning that everyone votes regardless of their own capacity to make decisions: otherwise, the voter turnout would have been the poorest in decades. The result was a "hung parliament", where neither side had a clear majority and where the third party was made king-maker.

The result is a government that is a barely-functional, anemic circus mess that drains more and more taxes, makes no constructive decision, is losing sight of its principles every day and whose PM is a liar and a hell to listen to. Total collapse would be preferable to this slow torture.

If you have a good plan to avoid a mess like ours with the Republican and Democrat Party, and the third Libertarian Party, then I'm all ears. But I strongly suggest that you reconsider the meaning of your vote. Is it a protest vote, a back-up-plan vote, or a this-is-my-choice vote?

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.