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What are you actually accomplishing?

What end do you think you are on?

Sending a message? Do you think tptb are interested in receiving messages? I don't. I believe they are interesting in power.

There are 36 registered third parties. Do you know their messages?

My GOP was supposed to have 21 seats filled. I found two former Democrats keeping those seats "warm", providing the issusion for MSM that the GOP was POWERFUL, like the wizard of oz.

Of course they did everything they could to not seat me, make it difficult.

Last month three new faces showed. They like Ron Paul. They wanted me to believe they were Ron Paul Republicans.. they are not. They are stealth Palin Earthquakers.. they plan to take the GOP, and they need us. So, if we show up, we can materialize Ron Paul's Libertarian message, and hold them to it. If we don't show up, for GJ.. they have no reason to continue to want to make a deal.

My vote for whoever the GOP nominee is so I can keep MY seat.. so I can vet future candidates, and their issues and delegates in 2016. I think it's worth it.

To me, divided we fall. For the first time since the LP was established in 72, we have an opportunity thanks to Ron Paul to become THE main stream. We waste that, and we've set us back to 72. Like Ron Paul I need help. GJ isn't going to get 15%. GJ isn't going to debate. So what message is it your're sending that you think those after power will hear?

It's not about GJ or for GJ. It's about and for OUR liberty.