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Read My First Post from March of this year

I have watched these opportunist/co-opters at work from the beginning. If I could, I would find the group of true patriots ready to surround Dr. Paul and protect him (like Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, Penny Freeman) & women ready to lay down everything.

David, I hope, I pray for miracles at Tampa but we already had a miracle a year ago and that is you and me and dozens of others. That miracle was trashed from the Inside and they New it. I wrote letter after letter to the campaign and never got much more than a form letter response.. (And that is pathetic in and of itself).. I and others have strategically built businesses, faced off governments and yet watched these insiders doing their dirty deed....killing that miracle....that precious miracle ....that new life, that pure hope...born of love and it tears me apart!

No Quitting...but look the enemy in the eye...look truth in the eye!

David, you enjoyed the post that involved my son in AZ.. OK, he eventually got screwed by the AZ Rep.Committee (When is someone going to come up with a better name for these fiefdoms?). Now, Here is the Kicker and the answer to everything you stated...That young man saw their game, went out before the May 31st deadline and before he was done, you have 30 (THAT'S RIGHT 30) precincts in his county manned by true blue, to the death, Ron Paul men & women. His statement to me was "They thought they controlled the Republican Party...We Just Became the Republican Party". That's Strategy, heart felt in your face, fearless, tireless strategy, and David if this young man & you & me had been given the opportunity to surround Dr. Paul this past year and protect and nurture that miracle, Ron Paul would be our candidate.

Defeatist, Never....but When are we going to face the truth head on?!!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.